Introduction - testing websites with cypress

06 August 20202 min read

Basics of software testing.

software testing, in simple words, is the process of testing your application against specified conditions.

This can be done manually or using some automated tools.

In this blog series we will be focusing on automating our tests as we usually do manual testing while building our app. Also, we will write tests for web applications. If you are looking for testing your Java app or something else then the coming blogs in this series might not be for you but you can still read this part.

why testing?

Types of tests.

There are many types of tests and testing strategies. Listed below are enough for begineers, you can always learn about new strategies on the go :)

Unit tests

This approach is followed for testing one unit of your codebase at a time. For example, you can test a function which takes two strings and joins them with a space. writing test for this kind of function is easy as if you provide 'hello' and 'world' then you'd expect it to return 'hello world'. This is called unit testing.

Unit tests are the easiest to write and test.

integration tests or end-to-end (e2e) tests:

This is similar to manual testing. In this process your automation tools starts your application and goes through each step that you'd do manually and checks if they pass or fail.

They are relatively hard to configure and describe.


In this blog we learned about what is software testing, why it is important and some comman testing strategies.

In the next blog in this series, we will learn about cypress which is a end-to-end testing framework for testing javscript application.